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Please Spring It On Me

It must have been nearly a month and a half ago that, when walking home from the grocery store on a sunny minus 6 degree day, I first smelled motorcycle exhaust. Knowing full well what a mirage is, what does one call it when they smell something that is not really there? Is that a nasage? The ground was still covered with snow and the streets had not seen the likes of a motorcycle in months but I was somehow still smelling motorcycle exhaust.

How bad did I want this day to come? Obviously pretty bad. I know for a fact she misses me. She sits cold and alone since late last October in a metal box listening intently for my footsteps. Excited, she would become, on those winter days when I would show up to check on her, but dismayed at the sight of three feet of snow blocking her way. I swear that whimpering was heard when the rolling metal door was pulled down and darkness once again settled across her.

The day is here. Yesterday she was again made legal and within hours her battery will be installed. Soon she will feel the mount she has waited for all winter (yeah, okay, that was a little gross, perhaps over the top, but just like my riding style, I’m not turning back).

So “What’s the plan?” you ask. Ride, ride, and ride some more and contribute to this blog things that are of interest to those who, you guessed it, ride. Things I like, things I don’t, rides I enjoy, rides I don’t, services of value and none of those that aren’t, probably won’t spend too much time speaking of things I know nothing about unless of course it pertains to politics as, not even those involved in politics know anything about politics yet we all have opinions. I’ll provide links to some useful websites and those that are best spent looking at when you are at your day job wasting your time.

If you tripped over this entry only because of a search for motorcycle related content, you may be wondering just who is Rob Weitzel? I’m a professional photographer, photography instructor and motorcycle enthusiast from the central prairies in Canada who also enjoys long walks between navigational beacons that to some, appear only as ground-holes containing sticks surrounded by well-groomed sod.

While keeping track of my on-bike exploits, I will attempt to provide a smattering of education and entertainment perhaps on both the subjects of motorcycle riding and, as always, photography. I’m also a Motorcycle Safety Instructor, so with any luck you will pick up on some valuable riding tips.

I continue to modify my V-Strom, a 2008 “Wee”  and when there is a moment to spare I will bring you up to speed on the modifications already completed.

For those of you interested, I have posted a few FREE VStrom wallpapers for your use here. The latest of which titled “V-Storm” consists of an image I captured of my bike with an approaching storm just coming out of a mountain range in northern Colorado. It was created using three layers. The original image with the bike cut-out and then two transparencies of the bike dropped back in place, one of which was made black & white. Hope you like it.


www.rwgp.net pretty much explains my business interests which range broadly from helping market small businesses to photography.

Now get your ass out there. Lean into some corners and accelerate on exit. There’s more photography, golf, & motorcycle content coming soon. Thanks for stopping by.