Whatever Happened To…?

Perhaps you found the time to read my second-last entry (Who Keeps Cats in Bags Anyway?) at which point, in a rather roundabout way, it was indicated that I had taken on a full-time job. As it turns out, I’m happier in this new role than I could ever have imagined. The people are great and, although it continues to morph into something a little different with each passing day, the job is fairly close to what I had envisioned.

I’ve just now started to take over the social media management role which means, for the time being, all of my focus will be on growing those campaigns. You can help me by following me on Twitter @Kramerltd and liking our Facebook page. Soon I’ll be posting photos from some of the best and most challenging shoots I’ve done in ages as well as starting a new blog.  As Kramer Ltd is rather new to the social media space it would be greatly appreciated if you could help out and show a little love for both myself and a great Saskatchewan operation by  giving a thumbs up and singing to your friends about us . As of September we will have been in business for 70 years and with every day I learn another reason why the company has done so well.

I will do my best to post photographs that will prompt conversations and write content that matters not only to people who move dirt in the heavy construction and mining industries in Saskatchewan but also to people who walk on dirt in Saskatchewan…. that would be all of us by the way. :) Did you know there is something for almost everyone to rent at The Cat Rental Store? (shameless plug)

Soon my first issue of Kramer News will be released. A 32 page magazine that has been around for about 50 years. That’s a little longer than I’ve been around… I mean a lot longer ;) I am looking forward to transitioning it into the digital realm by producing an enhanced clickable online version in the near future.

Once again, thanks for reading. Sorry I’ve not been particularly visible on my own Twitter and Facebook feeds as of late but duty has called and I’m on another new mission.

Enjoy the rest of summer.