Who Keeps Cats in Bags Anyway?

Personally, I like cats. I don’t have cats but have in the past had cats. There was only one that was kept in a bag and that bag was on occasion hung on a doorknob. That cat, kitten really, was obsessed with crawling into bags of all sizes and was especially keen on a particular recycled (not plastic) grocery bag. That bag worked well as a soft-sided carrier and if there was something or someone in the house we would rather keep the cat from, that cat-bag would be hung on a doorknob for a while and he would sleep.

This entry has little to do with cats beyond the fact that for a few weeks I have kept a proverbial one in a bag and it seems as though it’s half out. May as well let it all the way out.

I’ve taken a new full-time gig… that’s my term for a job without actually have to say the word job. Okay, I’ve taken a job.  It has little to do with cats other than the brand Cat®. It has a lot to do with Cat® as in Caterpillar as in Kramer Ltd. The Caterpillar dealer for the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. The cat is now out of the bag.

Those of you who know me on a more personal level have probably come to recognize that in the last 12 or so years I’ve not had much of a social life. With the gallery in the Cornwall Centre I basically worked six days a week for three years straight with seven days a week and 13 hour days during the Christmas season. The transition into shooting full-time meant that my “work week” involved the business of photography. My evenings and weekends (family time), when non-photographers and the subjects of photographers are available to be photographed, was spent making photographs. What this meant was that time with family and friends was next to non-existent. Teaching photography and that knowledge sharing in the form of field trips etc. was essentially my social life. Sitting in a Directors chair for a cause I was keen on involving myself in was impossible. Please don’t misinterpret this as any dislike for photography or teaching photography… I love it. I’ve just gotten to the point in life where there needs to be a bit more life and a tad less work. They, whomever they are, refer to it as work/life balance. I’m hoping I just found it.

Thinking back on the road up to this point, I believe I was about four when I first decided all the really cool things on this planet were yellow. Big & yellow. By the time I was about seven years old most of my sneak away and play time was spent crawling around on, and in, the cabs of the earth moving equipment parked for the night at nearby construction areas.  I remember very vividly sitting behind the giant steering wheel of a scraper, reefing on that knob which would not move, and pretending to run over my brother (not saying which one) when I was grabbed by the ear and hauled off while being scolded about the potential dangers of being near such equipment. This guy took me home and told my mother to make sure I was never allowed to go anywhere near that stuff again.

My fascination with this equipment has extended through pretty much my whole life albeit from a distance. The tendency I have to rubber-neck when passing through construction zones (the slower the better) has aggravated volumes of tailgaters and I’m not really sure why. Guess I just like big stuff… big earth movers, big cameras, big lenses.

What are the chances I could someday earn a living pointing said big cameras and lenses at big earth movers? Pretty damn good actually…. pretty damn good.

Effective May 26th, 2014 I will be employed as a Communications Coordinator within the marketing department of Kramer Ltd. and tasked with editorializing, in the form of photographs and writings, what they and their customers do. (At this point I would post one of those smiley emoticons but there is not one out there big enough to express my elation at this opportunity.)

Talk about a life changer. Monday – Friday doing something I love to do which is taking photographs and writing. Evenings and weekends doing something else I love to do which will likely come in the form of playing golf and riding motorcycles for a couple of seasons per year, and teaching photography more in the winter.  This new job has freed some weekends during which I will continue to teach Motorcycle Safety courses with the Saskatchewan Safety Council and, of course, I will continue to share photographic knowledge in the form of photo field trips and one-on-one training but only after I have had a few months at the new job to adjust to those demands.

If my new employer does not have a problem with it, I will  blog and post photographs that I capture during the course of the week so as to continue providing some content from which readers can learn and apply new skills.

In the mean time and because I thought it would be good practice for the new gig I parked and photographed my truck the other day. No, it’s not anywhere near the size of Off-Highway Mining Truck but it is  a truck.

Shot with one off-camera flash triggered wirelessly about 40 degrees camera-left and high enough so as not to cast shadows from the rocks on the truck. Manual on my Canon 1D Mark IV, ISO400, 1/250th at F16. .


What’s Playing While I Write This? Crumblin’ Down by John Cougar Mellancamp from the album The Best That I Could Do.

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Stay well friends.