It’s All About the Photos and…

It’s All About the Photos and the Artwork: A good online presence starts with great photographs and effective art. A great video can allow you to quickly introduce visitors to your business without their having to search your site for information. Rob Weitzel Graphic Productions can assist you in creating or choosing the right visuals for your website. Check out the links to “My Online Work” and “Photo Portfolio” to see some of my websites, photos, and videos.

Social Media and Content Marketing Strategies: Perhaps you are just now considering a Social Media Campaign (FacebookTwitterGoogle+,LinkedIn,) or a new Content Marketing effort in the form of a Blog or Podcast. Perhaps you’ve started but lack the time or resources to continually manage it. Social Media and Content Delivery are important tools in developing new relationships and maintaining existing ones. Content Marketing refers to the regular delivery of pertinent information to your customers and prospects through mechanisms such as links within your social media or social networking status updates or through blogs or other online posts. Rob Weitzel Graphic Productions can help develop or continuously manage your social media or content marketing efforts.

Social Media is not just about quantity of followers, it is about quality of followers and your ability to engage with them. Anyone can acquire volumes of irrelevant pulse-free followers who have no real interest in the content being delivered. The true value of social media is found in one’s ability have their family, friends, acquaintances, customers, and potential customers express interest in and share the information being distributed. It’s about interaction. You need your friends to tell their friends.

Available for Consulting or Projects by the day, week, month, or portions thereof. Rob Weitzel Graphic Productions provides a service that helps small and medium-sized businesses update their websites and get started with their social media identity. From determining the right platform for your business and initial profile setups that can include graphic design, photography services or selection of images, to the development of marketing strategies, social media policies, usage guidelines, and content delivery routines for effective campaigns.

Whether your business requires only an initial boost to get you up and running or a few hours per week, or month, of continuous marketing assistance, I can help you.

Other Services Available: Logo Design, Banner Design, Consulting, Creative Copy Writing, Podcast Development, Multi-Media Presentations,SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Website Design & Updates.

For project quotes and estimates fill out the contact form below or touch base via 306.535.5997 - Note that my Consulting Clients pay my Consulting Rates and not my Commercial Photography Rates.

My next blog post will be full of photos and photographic information from my recent visit to the San Diego Zoo. Thanks for reading.

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