Yes, There Have Been Other Blogs

MapleXmasFirst & Foremost, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from myself and Devona. If you’ve not yet heard, she is buried up to her eyeballs in fish hooks and camouflage at Cabela’s. At some point I’m sure she will pick up a camera again but for now, I’m on a bit of an island. Times, they are a changing.

Please consider this blog entry for its housekeeping value only as there are a few things I need to get straightened out. As of today, I have a lengthy list of subscribers to whom I will continue to send email notifications when I post an entry. That said, given the subscription mechanism in the left column, if you subscribe there, I will remove your name from my list to ensure you don’t receive multiple notifications and hopefully eventually everyone will do this freeing up a much-needed 4 minutes and 49 seconds.

Now for a brief explanation of what’s going on.


First there was our blog on, then there was a motorcycle travel blog on Both of which came into issues with blogging software, databases, and support updates through my hosting provider. Sadly, I quashed the motorcycle blog all together and started posting photo blog entries manually, very manually, to This was a serious drain on resources and frustrating.

I really enjoy the act of blogging but to maintain entries for different entities makes very little sense. I’m one guy. Owner of Rob Weitzel Graphic Productions (, which owns both (you guessed it, my sports photography related website) and (a website for all other types of photographic services and education). In an effort to streamline my life a little and reduce the confusion, I am just going to write here. I will write whatever strikes my fancy. It may have to do with one of the two aforementioned sites or it may not. It may be about what has elated me or pissed me off of late. As always, I will make photos and post those photos with some commentary on how they were created as well as the exif data from them so that you can see, from a camera setting standpoint, how they were created… kinda like this:

RWGP7385ISO:200 – Manual - 1/500th @ F3.5 - Off-Camera Flash positioned camera left in small softbox.

As part of my business has always been Graphic Design, Website Services and now encompasses Social Media Consulting I may occasionally venture down that road as well. Some of what exits my digits and graces this space will be educational and hopefully most of it will be entertaining enough for you to hit the subscribe button.

If I can get to the point where I can communicate with all of you in some efficient manner, there may be a point and time at which the podcast comes back as well.

I will apologize up front to those of you who follow me on both of my twitter accounts (@sportsshooter_1 & @TwoPhotogs) because you may well see things more than once. Hell, if you follow me on Twitter, are a friend on Facebook, like both my Those Two Photographers and Facebook pages, you may see the same thing six times but you will never have to come to me and say “hey, I missed that blog post”.

Fact is, as of today my @sportsshooter_1 account is nearing 800 followers and @TwoPhotogs is just shy of 500. For the most part they are different users. I appreciate those of you who follow both because often the content is different (a little more personal on the @sportsshooter_1 account) but when it comes to this blog, there is just no feasible way for me to feed those two worlds separate content.

So from this day forward, this will be the blog. The best way to keep it regular is for you, the readers, to encourage me with the blogging laxatives that are questions and comments.

If you wish to contact me feel free to use the contact form below or if you wish to comment on this blog entry, you can do so in the comment field beneath the contact form.

Shortly, I will be writing again with dates for a number of Winter Workshops and Sports Field Trips. At some point in the near future I may write a little about how I got to where I am in my photographic career… a bit of a backstory if you will.

By the way, if you know of someone who could use a little help with their cameras, feel free to forward them this link – I have a few spaces left in my intro workshops in January.

Thanks for taking the time to read and subscribe. Once again, Happy Holidays and a Wonderful, Exciting & Prosperous New Year!

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