You've Decided you need my help but before you pay send me a text message to check availability. I'm taking on very little new work these days. It could be with your website, could be with your social media campaign, content research and development, branding, blogging, or some photography projects.

Making that happen is easy and it will come as no surprise that the more service you commit to, the lower the rate.

By selecting one of the following "Pay Now" options, you will establish a Consulting Service Credit with Rob Weitzel Graphic Productions that will prompt a conversation around scheduling. Alternatively, if you have already used my services and you wish to book some more time, you know the drill.

Sessions of 3 hours or less will normally be scheduled within the next week. Half day and longer sessions within two weeks unless otherwise noted. If you have a day or time preference please indicate so during payment. A full day may be used as two half days and 40 hours can be utilized in increments of two hours or more.

Clients will receive monthly statements by email indicating the balance of time credit remaining on their account until such a time that the credit has diminished completely.


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Experienced with SEO, Google Adwords & Pay-Per-Click, Facebook & Twitter Ad Campaigns.

Known for creating effective,
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"Thanks Rob for all your help optimizing my profile in Google searches. Great pics too! Thanks for the advice!" Trent - Powerhouse Mortgages


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